Coronavirus: The 5 Best Grocery Delivery Options

Many people have realized how important grocery delivery and food delivery services are since the COVID-19 pandemic. Delivery services are the only way people can get food and groceries because of city-wide lockdowns and shelter-in place protocols. Customers can send their items via an app or phone to the company, who will forward them to a restaurant or grocery store. The package will be picked up by staff and delivered to the customer’s doorstep. This is something many people have come to depend on, especially in times like the pandemic when physical distancing from others and limited interactions are encouraged.

Many people don’t know that there are many grocery delivery companies that can deliver groceries to their homes. Here is a list with the top grocery delivery services that you can use during these times of pandemic.

Walmart Grocery

Walmart is a well-known name. Even those who live outside the US are familiar with this huge grocery and hypermarket chain. They were a large company and had the resources to adapt quickly to changing times. With their delivery service, customers can order pre-packed food or fresh produce online. If you are a resident of the U.S., you will likely be within walking distance to a Walmart. You don’t even have to pay delivery fees if you sign-up for the Delivery Unlimited option.


Instacart is basically your personal grocery shopper. The app allows you to submit your grocery list and a shopper will pick them up at the grocery store for you. They’ll also deliver them to your home. You can choose to have your items delivered the same day and also have the option of choosing which grocery store the shopper will buy them from. There is a minimum order requirement of $10, and a $4 delivery fee for non-members.


Shipt is available nationwide in more than 200 cities and offers the same service that Instacart. Customers can ask for a shopper who will deliver their groceries to them from different grocery stores. Target, Petco and CVS are all options. Groceries can usually be delivered within an hour of placing your order. The minimum order is $35, and delivery fees start at $7. The membership costs $99 per annum or $14 per per month. This is about the same price as at Montana ‘s favorite fast-food chain.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon is just like Walmart in that its size and existing business model meant it didn’t need to alter its operations when the pandemic hit. Amazon is actually one of few companies that survived while the rest of humanity collapsed. Amazon Fresh was added to their list of services. These services are available to Amazon Prime members who have access to fresh produce and packaged foods. Many members believe that Amazon only partners with Whole Foods to provide this service, but Amazon Fresh taps local retailers and supermarkets in the areas they serve. Amazon Fresh charges a $10 delivery fee. Amazon Prime members do not have to pay any delivery fees.

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Americans who live on the West Coast are familiar with Safeway and its sister stores Pavilions. Vons. Albertsons. Customers can place orders on their website for grocery items that will be delivered directly to their homes. The delivery fee is $10, but can be reduced for orders greater than $150. They offer delivery between 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.

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