How to read Over/Under 1 1/4 and formula to calculate winnings and losses

Those who often bet on soccer are no longer strangersOver/Under 1 1/4 by its widespread popularity. However, this ratio for new recruits is no different from a “blank sheet of paper”. That is the reason why bettors should refer to the accompanying reading formula for calculating wins and losses in O/U 1 1/4 bets. New88 Casino below.
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How is Over/Under 1 1/4 understood in soccer betting?

Over/Under 1 1/4, also known as handicap 1.25 or 1-1.5, is a form of betting in soccer with relatively simple rules but the winning rate is quite high, so it has attracted a large number of people. large participants.

Compared to other types of handicaps in the field of soccer betting, the option inOver/Under 1 1/4 There are 3 betting possibilities: win, lose or draw. However, for this ratio, gamers can only bet on win or lose options, there is no possibility of a draw.

How to read Over/Under 1 1/4 correctly without needing to be adjusted the first time

When it comes to O/U handicap 1.25, many people feel confused about the correct understanding of how to play this type of handicap. However, how to really understand how to read and participate in bettingOver/Under 1 1/4?

When participating in the 1.25 handicap, bettors will encounter two unique predictions: either they choose to win, or they choose to lose. Although there are only two possibilities, there are still 3 specific situations when appliedOver/Under 1 1/4:

  • Situation 1: In case the player bets capital on the upper team and this team wins at least 1 goal. For example, 3-0, 4-2… Then you will become the winner.
  • Situation 2: If the player goes with the upper bet, but the lower bet team has a handicap of 1.25 goals and the upper bet team loses by more than 1 goal to the lower bet team. For example, the match score is 0-2, 0-1, 2-5… In this case, the participant will lose the bet as well as the amount placed.
  • Situation 3: When the player bets the capital of the upper team, both teams are tied in the number of goals. For example, the score is 2-2, 0-0, 1-1, 3-3… In this case, you will lose half of your capital. On the contrary, if someone follows the underdog team and they win against the overdog team, that individual will win half the amount.

How to calculate O/U 1.25 with an illustrative example

To determine the winning amount in the case of soccer betting with a handicap of 1.25, there are two calculation methodsOver/Under 1 1/4 Important newbie needs to understand:
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Calculated by odds

A popular and clear way to calculateOver/Under 1 1/4 is to apply odds. First of all, new recruits need to monitor actual statistics from matches between the two teams

For example, consider the match between Barca vs Elche below:

  • If Elche is the favorite (handicap team), with Barca being the weaker team. Then, the ratio is 0.94 for the upper bet, 0.99 for the lower bet. Assuming a new player invests $100 in this match, the level calculation is as follows:
  • If Elche wins, the participant bets on Elche, you will win an amount of: 100 + (100 * 0.99) = $199. However, if Barca wins, whoever follows Elche, that individual loses $100.
  • If Barca wins, the gamer deposits capital for Barca, you will win an amount of: 100 + (100 * 0.94) = 194 dollars. On the contrary, if someone bets on Elche and they win, they lose $100.

In case Elche vs Barca draws, when Elche is the favorite team according to handicapOver/Under 1 1/4, if you bet on Barca, you will win a total of 1040 dollars. However, when the player follows the results of the two teams holding each other, they are determined to lose 50 dollars.

Bet quit

This calculation method is being widely applied in the field of soccer betting, especially in the case of a 1.25 handicap. To better understand how to calculate money using this method, we can refer to the following example related to the match between Juventus vs Inter Milan:

  • If Juventus wins with any score against Inter Milan, the Juventus bettor will receive a total of $193, including the initial bet amount and profit.
  • In a situation where Juventus team loses the match against Inter Milan by any score, those who bet on Inter Milan will win $200, while individuals who still believe Juventus will win will lose $93.
  • If the match ends in a draw between the two teams, the player who chooses Juventus will lose $46.50, while the player who bets Inter Milan will win and receive $150.


Recently, New88 Casino instructed new people how to read and calculate moneyOver/Under 1 1/4 in soccer betting. Although this knowledge is basic, it will greatly assist bettors in the betting process. Make sure players always limit themselves from making mistakes and unfortunately losing.

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