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Mini Beam Lights: Unleash Creativity and Precision on Stage

When it comes to stage lighting, mini beam light offer a perfect combination of creativity and precision. Light Sky is dedicated to providing high-quality mini LED moving head lights that meet the demands of lighting designers and event organizers. If you’re looking for mini stage lights that offer exceptional beam performance and precise control, Light Sky’s Mini Lunar series is the ideal choice. Get in touch with us today and unleash your creativity on stage.

Powerful beam performance

Light Sky’s Mini Lunar moving head lights are equipped with a USHIO NSL 301 long-life lamp, ensuring a powerful and consistent beam performance. With a beam range of 1.8° and an output of 375,000 lux at 10 meters, these lights create a strong visual impact on stage. The bright colors and good saturation, with a CRI of 80, deliver exceptional lighting quality and enhance the overall atmosphere of any performance. Whether you’re organizing a concert, theater production, or any other live event, the Mini Lunar lights provide the beam performance you need.

Precise control and intelligent features

Light Sky’s Mini Lunar moving head lights offer precise control and intelligent features to meet the demands of lighting designers. With a pan movement of 540° and tilt movement of 270°, these lights provide wide coverage and accurate positioning. The pan/tilt resolution of 2.11°/1.05° and high-speed movement ensure smooth and precise movements on stage. The control system supports DMX512 and RDM protocols, providing flexibility in control options. The intelligent display panel with a 1.77-inch TFT screen allows users to monitor device information, channel data, and software version. The lights can be easily upgraded using DMX, ensuring compatibility with future lighting systems.


Light Sky’s Mini Lunar moving head lights offer a perfect balance of power, precision, and control for stage lighting. With their powerful beam performance, precise movements, and intelligent features, these mini beam lights enable lighting designers to create stunning and impactful performances. Light Sky is committed to providing high-quality mini LED moving head lights that meet the needs of every customer. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of our Mini Lunar series and take your stage lighting to new heights.

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