MultCloud – Manage multiple cloud storage securely in 2021

People have been working more remotely since the outbreak. Cloud storage and sharing services have become increasingly popular. Cloud services and online cloud storage offer collaboration features that allow people to share files with others and collaborate. You are likely to have more than one cloud drive because not all teams use the same cloud drive. This is to meet job requirements, store your files separately, or get more cloud storage.

How can you transfer files between cloud storages and manage multiple cloud storage? This is the leading cloud storage manager , MultCloud. It will help you manage your cloud drives in an intuitive interface.

Transfer and sync data from one cloud to another using MultCloud

Cloud drive services can be a great way to work with your team, especially if you all use the same cloud drive. It can be difficult to work online with your team if the cloud drive you use for daily use and the one your team shares files with is different. You may need to download files you want to share with your team from your cloud daily and then re-upload them to another cloud that your team uses. This is the most common way to transfer data between clouds. It also allows you to sync and backup data from different clouds.

MultCloud has completely changed my approach to cloud drives since I’ve been using it for several days. MultCloud is able to help me achieve cloud transfer and manage functions, in addition to using “shared folders” in certain clouds.

MultCloud allows you to sync or transfer files between over 30 cloud drive services, including Google Drive, OneDrive and Flickr. My personal cloud drive is Dropbox, and my company uses Google Drive for online work. I use CloudTrans to transfer files from Dropbox to Google Drive prior to sharing files with my colleagues.

1. Transfer files seamlessly between your cloud drives

MultCloud provides seamless cloud-to-cloud transfer, regardless of the file size. MultCloud can connect your cloud and transfer files between them in a single click. MultCloud will perform the cloud transfer task in the background so you can close your website or PC.

2. Sync files between cloud drives

MultCloud allows you to not only transfer files between cloud drives, but also sync your cloud files in MultCloud. This is useful for sharing files from different cloud accounts to each other. MultCloud has 9 distinct sync modes for Cloud-Sync functions that you can choose from to suit your needs.

Mirror Synchron: Files remain the same in both the destination and source after syncing.

Move Synchron: All files in the source will be deleted after the sync task has been completed.

Cumulative Synchro: Files in the source will be deleted, but files in the destination won’t be deleted.

Update Synchronization: All files in the destination folder will be deleted. Then, the modified or added files from the source files will be moved to the destination.

Incremental Synchro: A folder will be created at the destination, and all files added or modified in the source will then be transferred to that subfolder.

Full Backup Synchronization: A folder will be created at the destination, and all files from the source will be copied to it.

Two way synchronization: All files added, modified, and deleted from the source will be copied to the destination. The destination files will also be replicated to the source.

Real-time synchronization: All files added, modified, and deleted from the source will be replicated at the destination. The destination files will not replicate the modified, deleted, and added files from the source.

3. Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Easily

MultCloud allows you to transfer data from one cloud to another. It also lets you manage all your files in multiple clouds. MultCloud accounts can also use MultCloud’s cloud drives to allow you to upload, copy, cut and rename files, as well as preview them or share them.

Google Drive files can be shared with other clouds via one of three sharing options. You can also upload files online to your cloud using Remote Upload function from MultCloud. This allows you to upload files from URLs, torrents, and magnet links.

Pricing for MultCloud

There is a major difference between upgraded users and free users. You can only transfer data once per month. MultCloud Premium users who have upgraded to the premium level can purchase additional traffic. This will allow you to transfer data up to 50 GB per month.

You can also create sub-accounts to share files with your team. This is possible by giving them different levels of permission (view, edit and all). This way you can collaborate with your team via cloud. Files can be shared to your team from various cloud drive services.

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