The Future of Fashion: Made-To-Measure Clothing

Provider of Premium Apparel Solutions

In the fashion industry, consumers are grappling with a frustrating standard sizing system and disposable purchases. Enter the made-to-measure business model, which sees fashion brands tailoring each individual garment to the customer’s size, body type and — in some cases — style preference.

The demand for and accessibility of made-to-measure brands has grown over the past few years. Since 1995, there is a such brand in this space — Kutetailor, who is a provider of premium apparel solutions.

Kutetailor is pioneer of intelligent manufacture, experienced in garment industry since 1995. Kutetailor has built the world’s largest MTM advanced custom smart factory after having been kept in exploration for years.

From traditional clothing manufacturer to an ecological state-of-art enterprise, this brand also with the custom products, goes beyondfrom China to Europe, North and South America, Australia and more.

The Best Made-to-Measure Manufacturer

Kutetailor provides flexibility in its service and can cater to many different types of business models. We can provide Made-to-Measure items, whereby each single garment is manufactured with measurements specific to an individual customer, as well as Made-to-Order, which are small (or large) batches of custom designs.

We also has an extensive Ready-to-Wear collection, so you can start proving your customers with ready-made designs immediately. New RTW designs are released monthly, giving you flexibility in your offering to your customers.

We can also provide a combination of all three of these services that align with your business model and business needs.

What will happen in the future?

A trend for made-to-measure clothes is emerging. Or should we say, re-emerging, given that clothes have been made-to-measure for most of history. And while made to measure clothing never went away in certain sectors. Using powerful visuals and diverse models, the focus is on size inclusivity, using sustainable, quality materials, and producing clothes in a slower, more ethical way with less waste.

Individual style is harder to get by in a world where individual style is harder to come by, the one-on-one personal experience that made-to-measure clothes can give. Its environmental benefits appear to be appealing to fashion enthusiasts. Yet, any trend that reconnects us with the way garments are manufactured and encourages us to treasure them has to be a positive thing.


Tailor made clothing can easily be worn to many different event. Kutetailor provides a full function MTM tailored clothing platform consist of apparel brands, MTM data transfer pipeline, and manufacturers. Find out more about each garment style in Kutetailor vibrant custom-made collection and start designing yours today!

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