The Sansure Solution: Simplifying Molecular Diagnostics

In the ever-evolving molecular diagnostics landscape, one company stands out for its commitment to simplifying complex laboratory processes. Sansure Biotech has unleashed a groundbreaking solution that streamlines the world of molecular testing, revolutionizing the way laboratories operate. With their unwavering dedication to innovation and precision, Sansure Biotech has introduced a transformative approach that simplifies and enhances molecular diagnostics for many applications.

Introducing Sansure Biotech’s mPOCT Portable Molecule Workstation

One of their standout innovations is the mPOCT Portable Molecule Workstation. This groundbreaking technology brings molecular diagnostics to decentralized settings and point-of-care environments. The mPOCT Portable Molecule Workstation combines mobility and functionality, allowing healthcare professionals to perform rapid and precise molecular testing directly at the patient’s side. Its portability and ease of use make it an invaluable tool for timely diagnoses and on-the-spot treatment decisions.

Sansure Biotech’s Whole-Process Quality Control System

Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of their products is paramount to Sansure Biotech. They have implemented a whole-process quality control system from raw material selection to the final product. This rigorous quality management process guarantees the integrity of their molecular diagnostics solutions. Moreover, Sansure Biotech has obtained ISO certifications, including ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, underscoring their commitment to meeting international standards and providing products and services of the highest quality.


In conclusion, Sansure Biotech’s Sansure Solution transforms molecular diagnostics by simplifying laboratory processes. Through innovations like the mPOCT Portable Molecule Workstation, they are expanding the reach of molecular testing to decentralized and point-of-care settings. Their unwavering commitment to quality is reflected in their whole-process quality control system and ISO certifications. Sansure Biotech’s advancements pave the way for simplified and reliable molecular diagnostics, ultimately benefiting healthcare providers and patients alike.

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