Tien Len Mien Nam – Playing Experience to Be Sure to Win 99%

People who love card games with prizes are certainly familiar with it Head to the SouthFamous for both online and offline play. So why does this game attract so many participants? What is the way to play that a newbie needs to master to feel secure in placing money? What is the experience gained from experts to help improve your ability to win? New88 Casino will explore with you to have the most accurate direction!
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Why does Tien Len Mien Nam attract so many plays?

The redemption market has 1000+ different game titles for participants to freely choose from, but Tien Len in general and Head to the SouthIn particular, he still successfully conquered the most bettors. The game has many outstanding advantages that help attract thousands of visitors every day:

  • The rules are simple but not boring and still create drama in each game.
  • The bonus rate is super high even though the capital required is not too much.
  • Members can choose from many different levels of play to meet their level and preferences.
  • You can play in groups to improve teamwork spirit.
  • People who share the same passion can exchange with each other and improve their strategies.
  • There are many reputable playgrounds that offer attractive features such as quick deposits and rewards, guidance from experts, good information security, etc.
  • Experience anytime, anywhere with online form on phone and stable network.

How to play Tien Len Nam, newbies need to master

As with any reward game, before conquering the game, members need to understand the details of how to play, especially newbies who are just getting their feet wet in the online betting playground. The following are the basic rules for arranging cards, playing cards, and ending the game Head to the SouthPlayers need to understand:

Arrangement rules

In this familiar game, the value of each card will be arranged in order from smallest to largest. Specifically, the following values ​​will bring better victory: Junk cards => Pair => Three => Straight => Three pairs of cards => Four of a kind => Four pairs of cards.

Gambling rules

The rules for playing cards are simple, so this game is suitable for everyone. Specifically:

  • Play first: In the first game, the player who bets with 3 Spades will get the first hand. From the following games onwards, the winning member will have the right to play first. If there is a situation where the first place player stops, this privilege is given to the second place bettor.
  • Round: Game Head to the South Is followed in a counter-clockwise direction. The next player needs to play a card of the same value and higher quality as the previous player.
  • End of round: In case a member skips a turn or runs out of allowed time, they will be counted as skipping the round and waiting for a new turn to play their cards.

The law ends

The member who plays all the cards in their hand will win and be First, the remaining people on the table continue the game to determine the Second – Third – Worst rankings. In some games, a member who plays continuously from beginning to end is counted as “going blank” with the following cards:
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  • 6 pairs are not connected.
  • 5 – 6 pairs of pine trees.
  • 2 four quarters.
  • 4 triplets.
  • 12 cards of the same suit.
  • 12 consecutive cards from 3 to Ace.

Experience playing Tien Len card game in the South with high winning rate

To win while playing Head to the SouthMembers need to understand the experience before going into battle. Here are some typical conclusions from experts with many years of practice and competition, beginners should keep in their pocket to be ready for the match:

  • Remember the cards: You should use the skill of memorizing the cards that have been played, combining the cards in your hand to predict your opponent, from there, play the most suitable card to advance to First Place.
  • Crossplay: This is a tip to help you “tear” your opponent’s cards extremely effectively and hit them psychologically. At this time, we will quickly break pairs, threes, etc. to cut off odd pieces.
  • Using odd cards: Even though the cards are “small but powerful” when helping to pressure the opponent very well, it is necessary to break a good set to help you not be cut when released.
  • “Scare” the opponent: In case the bettor holds four of a kind, he should not show that he is expecting Two to cut, instead still bet normally with odd cards.
  • Think carefully: Each piece you drop needs to be thought through carefully instead of hastily. Playing according to your emotions will help you win more easily. You should quickly push the pieces with a value less than 10 and leave room for the best set, waiting to make a move.


The above information is a general overview of the game Head to the South“storm” the betting market with simple game rules. From the shared expert experience, it will definitely help newbies improve their victory in each game. Click now on the New88 Casino homepage to discover more useful knowledge about the reward playground!

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