Comfort and Versatility: A Review of the Bergen Gynaecology Couch from OEKAN Furniture

To suit all hospital, clinical, nursing, and healthcare furniture needs, OEKAN Furniture, a manufacturer of hospital furniture, dedicated itself to producing and delivering a range of medical furniture. It ensures that its clients receive outstanding services and the best furniture selections because of its in-depth industry knowledge and customer-focused attitude. Besides, a custom furniture service is also provided by OEKAN Furniture.

Profile of the Bergen Gynaecology Couch, One Kind of OEKAN’s Medical Chairs

The Bergen gynaecology couch from OEKAN Furniture is the perfect addition to any modern medical facility looking for a high-quality, comfortable and easy-to-use solution for their gynaecology needs. Made with both patient and operator comfort in mind, the Bergen couch, a kind of OEKAN’s medical chairs, can be easily transformed from a chair to a flat couch, allowing for quick and efficient patient positioning without the need for heavy lifting or removal of upholstery. The electric height, tilt and central backrest adjustments further reduce operator fatigue and make it possible to adjust the chair quickly and effectively. The adjustable knee troughs and 15-degree Trendelenburg tilt complete the package, making the Bergen gynaecology couch a versatile and valuable asset to any medical practice. With a stainless steel frame and a high-density cotton seat and back covered in polyurethane, this medical chair is built to last and provide a comfortable and safe experience for patients.


Therefore, this medical chair from OEKAN Furniture is an exceptional choice for anyone seeking a high-quality, innovative Bergen gynaecology couch that delivers optimal performance and versatility.

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