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Secure and Reliable Connectivity with FIBERCAN Fiber Optic Enclosure

FIBERCAN, a trusted brand in the realm of fiber optics, presents their advanced fiber optic enclosure. This enclosure offers a secure and reliable solution for protecting and connecting your fiber optic cables. With multiple installation options such as cross arm hoop, aerial, underground, and wall-mounting, FIBERCAN ensures that their enclosure seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure.

Optimized Design for Connectors and Fibers

FIBERCAN’s fiber optic enclosure is designed to efficiently organize and store connectors and fibers. The closure provides designated compartments for connectors and fibers, ensuring orderly arrangement and easy access. The number of splicing trays can be adjusted based on the number of fibers, allowing for scalability to meet your specific requirements.

High-Strength and Corrosion-Resistant Material

The FIBERCAN fiber optic enclosure is constructed using reinforced plastic that exhibits exceptional strength and corrosion resistance. This ensures that your enclosure remains sturdy and reliable even in challenging environments. The mature structure of the closure, coupled with its reliable sealing, guarantees protection for your fiber optic cables while offering ease of construction.


FIBERCAN’s fiber optic enclosure is the ideal solution for securing and connecting your fiber optic cables. With its versatile installation options, you can seamlessly integrate the enclosure into your infrastructure, regardless of the installation method required. The optimized design allows for efficient organization and storage of connectors and fibers, ensuring easy access and maintenance. Constructed with high-strength and corrosion-resistant materials, the enclosure offers long-lasting performance and protection for your cables. Choose FIBERCAN for your fiber optic enclosure needs and experience secure and reliable connectivity.

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