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Workplace EV Charger: Convenient and Accessible Charging for Employees

As electric vehicles (EVs) gain popularity, workplaces are adapting to the growing needs of their environmentally conscious employees. One such adaptation is the installation of workplace EV charger. In this blog post, we will explore the convenience and accessibility of workplace charging solutions, with a particular focus on EVB‘s AC EV Charger with Cable. Providing employees with charging stations at work offers numerous benefits, saving time and ensuring seamless EV charging experiences.

Convenience at the Workplace

Having a charging station readily available at the workplace brings unmatched convenience to EV owners. Employees no longer need to worry about finding public charging stations or charging their vehicles at home overnight. Instead, they can simply plug in their EVs while at work, taking advantage of the time spent in the office to replenish their vehicle’s battery. This convenience eliminates the need for additional stops during commutes or after work, streamlining the charging process.

Benefits for Employees

Access to workplace charging stations provides employees with several advantages. Firstly, it alleviates range anxiety, allowing them to confidently commute to and from work without concern for their vehicle’s battery life. Additionally, it offers a sense of support and encouragement for EV adoption, demonstrating that the company values sustainability and employee well being. By providing this amenity, employers can attract and retain talent who prioritize eco friendly transportation options.

Time Saving Solution

Charging an EV during working hours significantly saves time for employees. Instead of dedicating additional time before or after work to charge their vehicles, they can utilize the hours spent at the workplace efficiently. This time saving aspect translates into increased productivity, as employees can focus on their tasks rather than worrying about finding charging stations or waiting for their vehicles to charge.

Introducing EVB’s AC EV Charger with Cable

EVB’s AC EV Charger with Cable is a premier workplace charging solution that embodies convenience and accessibility. With its wall mounted design, it can be easily installed in parking areas, ensuring a dedicated charging spot for employees’ EVs. The charger is compatible with DLB and solar systems, providing flexibility and promoting sustainable energy usage.


Workplace EV chargers, such as EVB’s AC EV Charger with Cable, offer employees the convenience and accessibility they need for seamless EV charging experiences. With charging stations readily available at work, employees can save time, alleviate range anxiety, and contribute to a sustainable future. By investing in workplace charging infrastructure, companies not only support their employees but also showcase their commitment to eco friendly practices. Embrace the convenience and benefits of workplace EV charging with EVB’s reliable and innovative solutions.

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