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Lottery players definitely cannot miss it skewer lot when playing lottery. Because this is one of the forms of lottery with a high winning rate and makes a lot of money. Depending on each type of lot, there will be different winning rates. So what is the concept of cross lotteries? Together New88 Find out details in the following article.
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Understand clearly what the concept of cross-lottery is?

In the world of lotteries, cross lotteries are also known as deep lotteries. This is a pair of numbers from 00 to 99 and players need to play in pairs depending on the type. The player wins the bet when the pairs of numbers match the last 2 numbers of the lottery results table.

According to many experts, this is one of the popular forms of lottery play and has a high winning rate. However, you need to understand each type of lottery and know how to play to be able to make the most accurate choice. Because cross lottery means you need to choose 2 to 4 pairs of numbers at the same time and the results must be complete. Therefore, the high win rate requires players to calculate the most carefully.

Types of skewed lotteries are common today

There are many types in the lot for you to choose and bet on. If you want to be sure of winning, you need to understand in detail about each type of lottery format. From there, you can easily choose the most suitable form of playing lottery. Currently, there are 4 popular types of cross lotteries that many players choose from:

Oblique form 2

Slot lot 2 is simply understood as the player choosing 2 pairs of numbers in the range from 00 to 99 to play. In case the last 2 numbers of the prizes are all 2 pairs of lots, the player will win. On the contrary, if the result is only 1 of the 2 lots or no lot, the player will lose.

For example, the player bets on 56 and 67, and the lottery result is the pair 56 and 67. Or if you place a pair of numbers 86 and 97, the lottery result will be exactly 86 and 97, the player will win.

Oblique form 3

Similarly, for 3-way lottery, players need to choose 3 pairs of lucky numbers in the range from 00 to 99. The player will win if they get 3 pairs of numbers and lose if they don’t get 1-2 pairs of numbers. .

For example: The player plays 3 lottery numbers 64-88-78, the lottery result of these 3 pairs of skewed numbers will win.

Format of cross lotteries 4

For 4-way lottery, players also need to choose 4 pairs of numbers from 00 to 99. If these 4 pairs of numbers all appear in the lottery results table, they will immediately win. On the contrary, if the lottery results are not enough, you will lose your bet. It is very difficult to get all 4 pairs of numbers, so the odds of winning will be very high.

Form of spinning lottery

Not all of you know about the concept of rotating lotteries. This is understood as a variation of the traditional lottery method. Lottery players need to choose 3 to 4 pairs of numbers to play. However, players do not necessarily have to win all pairs of numbers. You win if you miss only 1 or 2 pairs of numbers. However, the odds of winning the lottery are not too high and you need to calculate carefully.

How to catch lottery numbers accurately from experts

Many people think that playing the lottery is usually just luck and without any calculation or thought. However, this is completely incorrect. In addition to luck, players need to know how to bet correctly and have experience in playing. To increase your chances of winning, you need to understand the following ways to predict the lottery:

Apply the method of catching lots or going together

According to the experience of many experts, skewed lottery numbers often go together. Therefore, players need to remember and calculate to draw pairs of lots together and according to the rules.
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For example: Today’s result will return 95, the next day it will likely return 05.

Apply the oblique lottery method through mute head and mute ass

This is also one of the familiar methods of experts. To be able to predict this way, you need to carefully observe the results of the first and last numbers on the table. After that, the lottery players will speculate on lucky number pairs, specifically: The last and first lot results are silent, the next day will likely match the pair 18-81.

Apply head-to-head fighting

This method of lottery prediction is used by many people because the possibility of coming out in a mixed pattern is quite high. After you observe and choose the lucky number. To increase your chances of winning the lottery, you can turn it upside down and create 2 pairs of correct lottery numbers. However, players should not raise it for too long and should only raise it within 3 days.

For example: Playing the lottery pair 37 can turn upside down to 73.

Apply the method of playing skewed lotteries according to the double-topic reasoning method

According to the experience of playing Northern lottery with double thesis, players need to reason and play in pairs if the following appears:

For example, if the double number is 55 today, the possibility of it being 22 the next day is very high.

Some pairs of double lots that many people often choose are: 00, 99, 66 combined with 44. In addition, bettors can add numbers that are out of units to win double. For a simple example, if you think the number is 33, you often bet on 34 or 32 to increase your chances of winning the bet.

Apply the method of playing lottery according to the method of predicting silver and memory

Playing cross lotteries in pairs with no children is too strange for lottery players. You can accurately predict the numbers in pairs as follows: 252 – 22, 11 – 44 – 43 and 373 – 010. After choosing the lucky pair of numbers for the day, you bet on 1 pair to win. I hope to come first. However, to apply this method most proficiently, players need to have many years of experience and good reasoning.

Calculate the probability of winning the lottery?

Compared to playing regular lottery, deep lottery is always a form of higher difficulty. To be sure of winning, you need to clearly understand the rules of the game, terms and have many years of experience.

According to calculations, the probability of the middle lot being skewed is lower than the regular lot, only about 21.5%. And to hit the winning numbers according to the lottery format, there will be corresponding probabilities such as:

  • Lottery 2 has a chance of winning 4.6%.
  • The probability of winning a 3-way lottery is 0.994%.
  • The probability of winning a 4-way lottery is 0.02%.

Therefore, depending on the difficulty of each type of lot, the house will offer different odds of winning. Of course, the higher the difficulty, the higher the reward. Therefore, if you want to be sure of winning, you need experience, knowledge and lottery prediction methods.


Slot lot is one of the forms of lottery that many players love. To be sure of winning, players need to clearly understand the concepts, lottery forms and playing methods. Hopefully with that information New88 provided will help you better understand this form.

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